PHYSIOTHERAPY - Active Rehab - Pool Therapy - Kinesiology


active rehab

Our active rehab programs involve exercises and stretches specific to your injuries.  Throughout the rehabilitation process we assign you exercises to be performed independently.  We advance you through your therapy program as your condition improves and pain & stiffness decreases.  As intensity levels increase weights and bands are added.


Our pool therapy programs involve light exercises designed to treat your injuries during the acute phase.  They are perfect for those in physiotherapy.  Pool therapy programs are gentle and help you transition into the active rehab program to get you back to your pre-injury state.  These programs are administered in the shallow part of the pool for your comfort and safety. 

gRTW programs

We specialize in GRTW (Gradual-Return-to-Work) programs. To help you get back to work, we liaise with your medical doctor and employer. We confirm your job responsibilities and prepare a program that will assist you in returning to work at a pace that matches your progress and capabilities. We continue working with you as we ease you into full-time/full-duty work.

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